Did you know that massaging can improve your quality of life by aplenty? There are many benefits and advantages for being the massage receiver, that is you. But if you have not discovered the wonders of massage, then you are at loss! 강남안마

The number one benefit of massaging is easing muscle spasms and tensions. How can this work? Our muscles are composed of many muscle fibers. Think of your individual muscle fiber as a rope. Now imagine every fiber is tied up like a rope with a knot in the middle. That sounds like a very tense muscle, doesn’t it?

But in reality, it is just an analogy. The real scientific reason for tense muscles are more complicated than a tight rope! But it sure feels very uncomfortable. How to solve this problem? If we think of the muscles as ropes, then all we have to do is loosen the knots in our muscles.

Apply direct pressure (the basic massage) As simple as it sounds, it is true. Simply apply easy going pressure on the affected area. You could use your palms, fingers (single or multiple), elbows and so on to do this. Once you do that, the massage receiver will then breathe a sign of relief every time you pressurize the tense area lightly. When this happens, the muscles are no longer tense. The person you are massaging feels more relaxed and comfortable.

Apply friction Friction translates into wasted energy in physics. Friction also generates heat. But in this case, friction is good because it helps warm up the tense muscle area. What happens is you can actually soften the tight and hard muscle tissues. Applying both pressure and warmth when massaging is great enough for a very comfy feeling. There is however, another thing you can do to maximize the pleasure of comfort!

Apply stimulation on the trigger points Where are these points? Your professional masseuse will know better. These points are actually situated along the body’s nerves strategically. When you apply pressure on this points, you will feel very comfortable, with the muscles actually unwinding itself.


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