I went to a local shooting range for the first time this weekend with a fellow Front Sight student. We went to practice our trigger control and shooting speed, review together what we learned at the gun training school and help coach each other by examining our shooting techniques. The result of this trip was that the impressive power of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute was, once again, proven to us.

As Front Sight students, gun safety and proper gun handling are basically second nature to both of us. I wasn’t there for his gun training, but I know that personally, the gun training instructors at Front Sight spent hours perfecting my shooting stance, improving my trigger control and getting my bullets to hit exactly where I wanted them to. It was no surprise to me when my first two bullets hit about four millimeters from the bullseye of the target. But these other people at the range… well, they obviously did not get their “gun training” from Dr. Ignatius Piazza at Front Sight.

dry fire training, I guess Front Sight spoiled me. I learned every aspect of gun training from the instructors at Front Sight. It’s all normal to me now. And you know what? We were easily the best two shooters on the range.

The first thing I noticed was everyone’s shooting stance. It appalled me to see such unstable stances. The girl a few people down was literally knocked backwards every time she shot her pistol. I took a shot. Did I feel the least bit off balance? Nope. I ended my shots with my gun still pointed at my target and my focus still on the front sight. My friend commented later that nothing on me moved when I shot. Gun training at Front Sight made me stable with a strong shooting stance.

I didn’t see one person practicing proper trigger control. Fingers mashed the triggers and then completely came off of them before taking the next shot. The result? Their targets looked like they were trying to hit anywhere BUT the center. Our targets? Let’s just say if we applied the fifty percent rule, our targets would still look way better than any other target on the range, no joke. Gun training at Front Sight made my shots accurate.

The thing that actually scared me while being on the shooting range was everyone’s gun safety. Front Sight emphasizes gun safety in everything you do. This weekend, I saw people’s fingers on the trigger when they weren’t pointed at the target. I saw people holding their guns as if they were toys. I saw a husband and wife muzzle each other’s arms so they could quickly reload. After seeing this, I am even more thankful to be a student of Front Sight because Ignatius Piazza’s gun training instructors taught me how to safely handle a gun. They would never allow such nonchalant gun handling. Gun training at Front Sight made me a safe shooter.

I truly believe that if someone wants to own or use a gun, their gun training should come from Ignatius Piazza at Front Sight. There is no better gun training available. Test it out for yourself.

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